Resistance is not futile

2022-02-17T10:04:15+01:00Mon, 14th Feb '22, 09:04|

Although that is what they want you think. Switching a rotten prime minister with another rotten prime minister is neither progress in and of itself nor is it an opening to secure fairness, truth, and justice. If we stop now, they win. They’ve used all their resources for four and half years in the hope [...]

Iron curtain newspapers

2022-02-14T08:53:18+01:00Mon, 14th Feb '22, 08:53|

Newsbook reported yesterday that the General Workers’ Union has suspended the editor of its newspapers l-orizzont and it-Torċa apparently because of some disagreement over pieces critical of the Labour Party. Details are still coming out and the editor himself, Victor Vella, hasn’t said anything yet but a closer look at what happened paints a very [...]

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