Protest this evening

2022-02-21T08:53:36+01:00Thu, 17th Feb '22, 16:37|

There's no point hoping Victoria Buttigieg will come to her senses of her own accord. She needs to be told to resign. You need to tell her. Here are the reasons. Repubblika, Occupy Justice and this website are calling a protest for this evening outside the Attorney General's office in South Street, Valletta. The protest [...]

Victoria’s mess

2022-02-17T16:02:31+01:00Thu, 17th Feb '22, 15:57|

I don’t suppose Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg will consider resigning now. Last year, Vince Muscat il-Koħħu admitted killing Daphne Caruana Galizia. The Attorney General agreed with Vince Muscat to ask for a reduced sentence for murder (15 years instead of life) in exchange for evidence against his accomplices. His evidence strengthened the state’s case against [...]

Yorgen Fenech loses court case against me

2022-02-17T10:41:27+01:00Thu, 17th Feb '22, 10:41|

The court dismissed a lawsuit brought against me by Yorgen Fenech, the man accused of complicity in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, finding he had no grounds to complain that I rejected his request to publish a letter he sent me claiming it was his right to reply to an article I had published [...]

Just don’t do it

2022-02-17T09:57:29+01:00Thu, 17th Feb '22, 09:57|

However important you think you are, and however important you think your work is, however much in a hurry you may be, and however much you are willing to rationalise your actions in your own mind, leaving your bloody car on a parking space reserved for people with mobility problems must be, to my mind, [...]

Collective chronic hernia

2022-02-17T09:49:00+01:00Thu, 17th Feb '22, 09:49|

The following are the concluding sentences from a post on the US website on international affairs, the International Policy Digest: The tumour of corruption in Malta has grown too large for the government to perform self-surgery particularly as the ruling elite have had a major hand in the descent into sleaze. As foreign owned businesses [...]

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