Day 3: (4) Dark clouds over Europe

2022-02-23T12:18:13+01:00Wed, 23rd Feb '22, 12:18|

While we’re busy celebrating the fact that Marsascala Creek will not after all be claimed by a yacht marina, there’s some serious geo-political shifting happening on the Continent. I don’t seriously expect the goings on at the Ukrainian border to become an electoral issue. Though if things go down a darker road we will wonder [...]

Day 3: (3) Mutual dependence

2022-02-23T12:16:27+01:00Wed, 23rd Feb '22, 12:16|

This is a post by Massimo Zammit, a self-declared fan of Labour Minister José Herrera. Someone has to be, so that’s not terrible in and of itself. Except that Massimo Zammit is CEO of Teatru Manoel, a government organisation that reports to José Herrera. It is bad enough that Ministers hire cronies to run their [...]

Day 3: (2) How we love U-turns

2022-02-23T12:14:43+01:00Wed, 23rd Feb '22, 12:14|

Not only did the government dramatize its reversal on the Marsascala marina, packaging it as good news and a miracle of democracy. They had to serialise it as well to maximise the political benefit from doing bugger all. First Chris Fearne got a round of applause for partly disagreeing with the project. Then Owen Bonnici [...]

Day 3: (1) Figures of hate

2022-02-23T12:12:21+01:00Wed, 23rd Feb '22, 12:12|

In its 1996 general election campaign, the PN borrowed an idea from the Tories’ attempt to demonise Tony Blair and stuck the top half of Alfred Sant’s face to the bottom of a campaign poster headlined “Ma Tistax Tafdah”, “you can’t trust him”. Anecdotally that poster, a first brush with explicitly negative campaigning, caused the [...]

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