Other ways in

2022-02-07T14:34:23+01:00Mon, 7th Feb '22, 14:34|

A few days ago, I wrote about a relatively minor cock up by the foreign office when they forgot to ask Parliament’s nominations committee to interview and vote on someone they nominated to be our ambassador to Ireland. Preparing that piece, I read up on the rules. Foreign office employees do not need to be [...]

Silver spoons

2022-02-07T11:02:21+01:00Mon, 7th Feb '22, 11:02|

Reverse engineer the discourse of Labour Party politicians to work out what’s worrying them in the data they’re reading. Worrying is relative. They’re not worried they will be losing the election. But they are worried about trends in their support base that could prove to be the thin end of a wedge that could lift [...]

Steward’s threat to out Joseph Muscat

2022-02-07T13:00:28+01:00Mon, 7th Feb '22, 09:50|

Nadine Delicata, president of Steward Health Care Malta uses this morning’s Times of Malta to indict the government about the state of the three formerly publicly hospitals they run. But first she lashes out at “everyone on the island” because of what she suggests are baseless opinions “trotted out for political point-scoring” forgetting Steward’s hard-working [...]

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