Day 8: The prime minister who profits from business with criminals

2022-02-28T09:49:30+01:00Mon, 28th Feb '22, 09:49|

Accepting Robert Abela’s behaviour in his profession is unacceptable. There’s a line that Joseph Muscat, apparently without irony, had a habit of echoing: “those who do not fight corruption are corrupt”. I regret he is right. Which means that Labour Party MPs, the party leadership, party employees, and all those (likely a considerable majority of [...]

Solidarity a la Maltija

2022-02-28T08:50:14+01:00Mon, 28th Feb '22, 08:50|

Look at this screenshot from Facebook. Scroll down for the explainer unless you don't see my point in the picture before I even make it and follow that up with despair and moving on to the next reminder of, as the Maltese idiom puts it, what sort of people Christ died for. Still don't see [...]

Policemen punished for doing their job

2022-02-28T08:34:41+01:00Mon, 28th Feb '22, 08:34|

There’s a story on today’s Times of Malta about “a senior police inspector previously tasked with investigating major organised crime in the country” who has now been reduced to doing clerical work in a police station. The Times quotes sources saying that Inspector Kevin Pulis is being punished for “insubordination” in a high-profile case he [...]

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