Robert Abela needs thicker socks

2022-02-03T16:36:15+01:00Thu, 3rd Feb '22, 16:36|

He’s having cold feet about the election date. Apparently. He had almost made up his mind about a March election but he's not so sure anymore. Short of an Atocha bombing there’s little to shake the expectation of a Labour landslide whenever it is during the next 6 months that the election is called for. [...]

Greedy bastards

2022-02-03T12:57:32+01:00Thu, 3rd Feb '22, 11:05|

  Robert Abela said this morning Joseph Muscat was given government property in Pietà for his personal use “as part of his severance package”. The office needed to be searched by the police for evidence of a crime for us to even ever know about it. Which can mean there’s more to the severance package [...]

They still can’t do it

2022-02-03T10:52:31+01:00Thu, 3rd Feb '22, 10:52|

There’s a little-known committee in Parliament that has the job of interviewing people the government nominates to important posts. Sometimes the committee comes to the public’s attention. Yesterday, the committee voted on the confirmation of John Mamo as chairman of the financial services authority. The nomination was approved for the simple reason that the government [...]


2022-02-03T11:17:47+01:00Thu, 3rd Feb '22, 10:11|

Robert Abela’s sister-in-law is campaigning for a seat in Parliament. It seems everyone must stand while she searches for a chair. Here’s her propaganda truck in Bormla, the town she is, ironically, the mayor of. It’s as subtle as a drunk in a graveyard. These images came to me from someone trying to have a [...]

Unstocked pharmacist

2022-02-03T09:57:16+01:00Thu, 3rd Feb '22, 09:57|

When the futility of history risks overwhelming one, all one is left with to bear the crushing disappointment in sheer existence, is some indulgence in the ironies. Consider the immediate complaint in Parliament from PN MP Claudette Buttigieg who heard Rosianne Cutajar call out ‘qaħba’ (‘whore’) in her general direction while she (Buttigieg) was criticising [...]

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