The Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) has ranked Malta among the riskiest jurisdictions in the EU and candidate countries for media freedom and restrictions on media pluralism. In an EU-funded study being published later today Malta is ranked “high risk”, the second worst possible category.

The CMPF is a research and training centre that develops research on media freedom and pluralism in Europe, and provides knowledge support to policy and rulemaking processes.

Turkey is the only country surveyed ranked as “Very High Risk”, while 6 other EU-member states are deemed as “High Risk” together with Malta. The high risk EU member states are Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Greece, and Romania. EU candidate countries Albania, Serbia, and Montenegro are also considered of high risk for media freedom.

Throughout the EU, media enjoys the lowest risk in Germany. However, all other EU member states and candidate country North Macedonia have a freer and more plural media landscape than Malta.

Details about the findings on the state of media freedom in Malta are being published later today.