Yet another (alleged) mafioso walked out of the court building today free as a bird, protected from prosecution by yet another ‘mistake’ by the Attorney General’s office.

This one won’t sue if I call him an (alleged) mafioso. John Spiteri is wanted by Italian prosecutors in connection with a large ‘Ndrangheta drug trafficking operation. They thought they had him, that procedures under EU law would mean that it would be a matter of time before Mr Spiteri would be on a plane flying in their general direction.

Not if Victoria Buttigieg was going to have a say in the matter.

The wrong paperwork was filed and the court let Mr Spiteri walk out. The wrong paperwork was filed because there’s no one working at the Attorney General’s office capable of reading the law and complying with procedure or because our courtrooms have been turned into mafia-free zones, by which I mean if you’re the mafia you’ll walk free.

How many times does this need to happen before someone owns up? How many criminals need be let loose before we put a stop to this?