Pleasures yet to come

2023-03-02T18:36:29+01:00Thu, 2nd Mar '23, 18:36|

You know how Joseph Muscat says he welcomes scrutiny into the hospitals swindle? Let me tell you what that means. It does not mean that if we’re able to dig deeper in that contract we’ll find nothing untoward. It means rather that the deeper the dig, the smellier the shit, and the more people are [...]

Chris Fearne should update his reading list

2023-03-02T11:58:16+01:00Thu, 2nd Mar '23, 09:29|

I don't know if Chris Fearne reads this blog but he should add blogs to his reading list. In this interview from May 2016 he tells The Malta Independent he doesn't read "blogs with no evidence" in reference to Daphne Caruana Galizia's Running Commentary. Well, that's the problem, isn't it? Maybe if he read [...]

Highway to Heaven

2023-03-02T10:06:48+01:00Thu, 2nd Mar '23, 08:20|

Joseph and Michelle Muscat went to a church in Rabat yesterday. Mid-week mass may be unusual for some but not for our former first couple. It's unclear from the pictures whether they were wearing North Face, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton. No matter the clothes their place in paradise is assured. They were welcomed yesterday in the [...]

Shower head

2023-03-01T15:34:42+01:00Wed, 1st Mar '23, 15:34|

Joseph Muscat was irritated by Robert Aquilina’s visit to his state-provided office this morning. Nobody likes to be told their proper place is serving time. But if Robert Aquilina said Pope Francis’s place was in prison, the absurdity of the notion would be such that Pope Francis would ignore it. Replace Pope Francis with anyone [...]

A Matryoshka doll of injustices

2023-03-01T09:41:28+01:00Wed, 1st Mar '23, 09:41|

Read this report of a court decision by Judge Joanne Vella Cuschieri yesterday that found that landlords of three interconnected properties in Isla are victims of the state because they have not been allowed to enjoy their property. The court has ordered the state to compensate them for their suffering. The report will give you [...]

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