EXCLUSIVE: Pilatus whistle-blower to former colleague — “I understand you’re scared. But my soul is not for sale”.

EXCLUSIVE: Pilatus whistle-blower to former colleague — “I understand you’re scared. But my soul is not for sale”.

Maria Efimova, who blew the whistle on alleged corruption and money laundering at Pilatus Bank where she worked, has asked manueldelia.com to publish her letter to Claude-Anne Sant Fournier, her former colleague at the bank.

Claude-Anne Sant Fournier is Head of Legal and Compliance at Pilatus Bank.

The Bank’s website says she leads Pilatus Bank’s legal team and is responsible for regulatory affairs and compliance. Prior to joining the bank, Dr. Sant Fournier specialized in anti-money laundering and regulatory compliance during her tenure at KPMG, where she advised and assisted local and foreign banks with compliance to Maltese and the European Union regulatory frameworks.  She also has extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation since graduating as a lawyer.

In her letter to Claude-Anne Sant Fournier, Maria Efimova reminds her of the personal bond of trust they had while they worked together. Maria Efimova tells Claude-Anne Sant Fournier she understands she may be scared. “But my soul is not for sale and I sincerely hope that yours is not either”.

The letter in full follows:

“Dr. Sant Fournier,

I am sorry to address you through the media, unfortunately, there is no other way.

I would ask you to remember the days I was taking care of your baby child when you had no one to do it for you. Those days you certainly believed I was a person to be trusted, since you were entrusting the most precious of yours.

You lost you mother, God rest her soul. You know how it hurts.

Imagine the pain of losing your mother in a most dreadful way. Imagine the pain of losing your mother and to not be allowed to attend her funeral.

The people you are working for are foreigners to Malta, foreigners who were often treating their employees, among them your own compatriots, in a very disrespectful and humiliating manner.

You may be scared, I understand. In the last 18 months, I went through hell myself.

But my soul is not for sale and I sincerely hope that yours is not either.

Maria Efimova”

Maria Efimova meets tomorrow a joint session of the European Parliament’s PANA and LIBE committees who are investigating the state of rule of law in Malta.

  • T Brincat

    Has Dr a Sant Fournier been called in by Magistrate Bugeja?

    • Manuel Camilleri

      Not that I know of.

  • doreen


  • Grey matter matters

    Maria Effimova is a very brave women and I find myself with nothing more to say except offering my sincere apologies at how my country has treated this brave women instead of protecting her.

    I thank you Ms Effimova on behalf of all those who believe that Daphne was killed unjustly because she dared cross the invisible line which holds us silent and makes us look the other way because we all know what price we would pay if we did.

    I offer my sincere condolences to your mother and my apologies for all the aggravation my country has caused you.

    We stand on the very edge of the abyss. Your help tommorrow gives us hope in believing that the true perpetrators to Daphne’s horrendous death will one day see the light of justice and in so doing our country could be purged of its corrupt capi die capi.

  • Linda Kveen

    “My soul is not for sale.” What powerful words from such a brave woman. Words all of us should try to live by in these troubled times.

    • Carmen Borg

      Powerful words that will without a doubt be powerfully mocked by the PanamaAzerbaijanPilatusRegime’s trolls in Malta.
      Speaks volumes about what has become of Malta since 2013.

  • Jo Staff

    Unfortunately there are many people in Malta who have sold their souls for money and power. It takes immense courage to fight them. Thank you Daphne. Thank you Maria Efimova.

    • Carmen Borg

      Well said, Jo Staff.

  • F Galea

    Powerful words. If Efimova made this whole story up, the last thing she would do would be to rekindle the story through the press.

  • Evarist Saliba

    Those who have used Pilatus Bank for money-laundering purposes, should read this letter and be ashamed. This woman’s character shines with integrity while yours is tainted with corruption.

    • Gez

      Shame doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. They are all foreign, or at least in Schembri’s and Mizzi’s case, they possess a property overseas.

    • J Camilleri

      “Yours”? Are you addressing Manuel Delia?

      • Angus Black

        More likely Mr Saliba was referring to Egrant, Mizzi, Kasco, Hillman, Cini, Tonna and perhaps even our Charity Volunteer Champion who directly or indirectly gave Pilatus Bank their custom.
        Not to mention the movers and shakers at the MFSA and FIAU who refuse to answer questions about the Pilatus license and the buried FIAU repor!t(s).

    • Carmen Borg

      Souls sold for power and wealth. The soulless know no shame.

  • pete ross

    A brave, honest foreign women who preferred not to sell her soul to Maltese and foreign thieves, brigands and Mafiosi even at the risk of losing her own life. May your honesty be the yeast that germinates a soul-searching exercise among us Maltese bigots and hypocrites who fund village band clubs and statues and spend millions of euros every year to make feasts, all of this in honour of our saints, and then rejoice on the news of the assassination of a woman who like you stood steadfast against these same Maltese and foreign thieves, brigands and Mafiosi.

    May God be with you and your family, and with us too.

  • matthew

    Since when do I send a letter to someone via the press ? Dahl fil-Wicc! Seems to me like a way to put claude Anne, who does not occupy any public role, under pressure!

  • Gez
  • J Camilleri

    Has this fine lady anything to show? I get the impression she’s enjoying the “tension” she is creating, keeping some of you guys waiting with bated breath.

    Until the lot of you tire of waiting and come to terms with reality, that being that there’s nothing to go by other than her claims which the vast majority have already discredited.

    • callixtus

      For centuries, the church refused to believe that the earth rotates around the sun. That did not change the facts.

      • Jan Farrugia

        For centuries everyone, not only the Church, but everyone, refused to believe that the earth rotates around the sun, same as the majority of the Maltese believe that power, money and sex is what makes one happy and all else is secondary. More than that, if Joseph Muscat had to tell them that the sun rotates around the Earth they will all fall on their knees and claim he’s a god, (as long as their pockets and the anatomy in between are satisfied that is)

        • Angus Black

          I still think that the Earth is flat, man never landed on the moon, and pictures taken from 600 miles up, were all photoshopped!
          ‘Discrediting’ is easy, facing the truth, more difficult – for PL trolls, next to impossible.

    • Jan Farrugia

      One day every affliction will be curable, except for stupidity.

      Russians are the best chess players in the world. Maltese PL trolls are just pawns in Joseph Muscat’s dirty game.

    • Carmen Borg

      The vast majority you speak of are not worthy to utter this woman’s and Daphne’s names. Having re elected the PanamaAzerbaijanPilatusRegime, they are complicit.

    • Carmen Borg

      That’s what you have been instructed to think and brainwashed into believing by the PanamaAzerbaijanPilatusBank regime?

    • Jan Farrugia

      Thank you for confirming that you are a PLT.

    • Mike

      We are already aware of the single digit IQ the vast majority possess. You tend to comment a lot of rubish across many news sites. Quit trolling and get a life.

  • Manuel Camilleri

    “This woman comes across as honest, compassionate, principled, intelligent and inspirational.” You are perfectly right.

    That’s why Labour and Castille hate her. She is not part of their herd.

  • J. Vella

    Honour to Daphne Caruana Galizia and her family. Their bravery, integrity and fight for justice is being celebrated all over the world except here in this pseudo civilised and spiritual island where human rights are only words with no spirit. I salute Ms Efimova for reminding the Maltese that spirituality comes from within and not from fake external celebrations.

    But we all knew this would happen. Labour never believed in human rights. Just look at its history. It is riddled with abuse. Nothing has changed much, except the abuse has now become slightly more guarded because of Malta’s EU membership.

    • Pandora

      Labour never believed that they would find people like Maria Efimova, Jonathan Ferris, a Manuel Delia to pick up where Daphne left, and some others to stand in their way of abusing laws and continuously taking some people for a ride.

  • Mark Sant (Misha)

    To add the cherry on the cake our finance minister lied to journalists a few days ago saying that Pilatus Bank was regulated directly by the European Central Bank and not the MFSA which falls under his watch.

    A pity that no journalist was a aware of this and cut the minister’s BS in the bud.

    This government has a history of taking advantage of the local press’ lack of financial services regulatory knowledge.

    When Prof. Scicluna was approached a few days later and comfronted with this fact with a whataboutism – what about that bank that lost its licence on which Lawrence Gonzi was a director? Yet another technique used byvthe current government when put into a corner.

  • may borg

    But here Joseph Muscat is acting like he is is in Azerbaijan. The tactics and the philosophy behind what he says and his actions are the same.

    He has the gall to boast that his party will be the party of law and order. Unbelievable. If that is true I am expecting all the cronies and puppets he has stuffed the institutions with to resign ASAP. Then we can try to begin to believe.


  • may borg
  • matthew

    how nice would it be if someone “wrote a letter to you”, detailing things like having taken care of your baby etc and published it in the press?

    • thedirectone

      You really can’t read between the lines, I’m not gone explain it to you, but this letter is the smartest move she made to get truth on the surface.
      Wait an see, it’s getting more fascinating by the day.

      • matthew

        I am still waiting for her to download the document she said she had uploaded into the cloud.

    • albertcritien

      You have the same name as Daphne’s son, who did us all Maltese proud, but it abruptly ends there.

  • Pandora

    Maria Efimiva. A woman of strong character who did not let fear stand in her way where she saw corruption. A woman inspired by Daphne Caruana Galizia’s continuous and indefatigable fight for Justice and the Rule of Law. A woman who is ready to continue the fight for Justice to prevail and for Daphne. A woman. We need many more like her.

  • thedirectone

    No, the mafia gang of Castile ordered him to post it on this blog.

  • Mike

    Don’t let the troll get to you. He posts rubbish everywhere.

  • Matthias Wille

    Really? I don’t hold my breath!

  • matthew

    Rudeness can not be justified. It only shows how her back is to the wall and is trying to drag her former friend into it.

  • Paddy

    Most Maltese people I know sell their soul to the devil for money, basta hafna knejjes u processjonijiet wara id´ duluri, ipokriti.