The right choice for President

2018-11-05T17:18:04+01:00Mon, 5th Nov '18, 17:18|

A week ago the court “expressed dismay” at Evarist Bartolo’s handling of corruption in his Ministry. He covered it up, ignoring information that was presented to him. Instead, he stood by as the police persecuted the whistleblower, now acquitted at last. Evarist Bartolo’s name is now being mentioned as a possible nominee for the presidency, [...]

Online petition demanding government protects law-abiding customers of Satabank

2018-11-05T16:55:50+01:00Mon, 5th Nov '18, 16:55|

Over a hundred individuals have signed an online petition demanding immediate government intervention at Satabank to ensure that people who have broken no laws are no longer penalised by having their bank accounts frozen. The freeze on everyone’s accounts at Satabank has now been going on for 16 days with some individuals saying they are [...]

From the page to the real world

2018-11-05T16:23:22+01:00Mon, 5th Nov '18, 16:23|

Twenty-five years ago, Alternattiva Demokratika used to publish a bi-weekly newspaper that ran a story about a Member of Parliament who dodged taxes on money he stashed in the UK.  The guy was called Lino Gauci Borda and the gossip at the time — this never made it anywhere near print of course — was [...]

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