Are you lying to yourselves or just to the rest of us?

2018-11-17T16:57:30+01:00Sat, 17th Nov '18, 16:57|

Everyone understands something very basic. If you do something illegal, the police should look into it, investigate what really happened, collect the evidence of wrong-doing and then accuse you of that wrong-doing in a court of law where they then need to prove it. Whatever else, anyone else might do to help prevent or uncover [...]

More free than ever

2018-11-17T16:27:54+01:00Sat, 17th Nov '18, 16:27|

When the rest of the world takes a glance at Malta they see it is governed by clowns. That’s not because we tell them it is. It’s because they stay long enough to watch them make fools of themselves. Take this example. At the UN periodic review of Malta’s human rights record, one country after [...]

Megan and Amy Mallia: Seeing beyond our shores

2018-11-17T16:59:44+01:00Sat, 17th Nov '18, 09:05|

This is the text of the speech read out yesterday by Daphne Caruana Galizia's nieces: Many question the value of honours and awards for our aunt Daphne when she has already been killed for her work, when those who ordered her assassination are still at large, and when the conditions that enabled her murder remain [...]

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