GUEST POST: Comparative Parallels

2018-11-23T14:20:58+01:00Fri, 23rd Nov '18, 14:20|

This Guest Post is in response to an earlier Guest Post that looked forward to a PN without Adrian Delia. This response takes the opposite view. It is sent in by someone who calls himself Ouaga. I have just read the guest post by ‘Lake’ and the article brings back nostalgia as well as examines [...]

Guest Post: Truth

2018-11-23T12:59:47+01:00Fri, 23rd Nov '18, 12:59|

Sometimes, rarely, a Guest Post is sent to me in verse. This was sent by someone known to me. Truth She looks at you quite calmly Never angry nor perturbed She looks at you yet sharply Your every move observed She knows you know You know she knows That’s it’s too late for you The [...]

G Leone Ganado: The strange Gasol transfer (3)

2018-11-23T12:47:06+01:00Fri, 23rd Nov '18, 12:47|

Post number 3 in Godfrey Leone Ganado's series on the background to the 17 Black scandal. This post is a brief follow-up to article 2, and it is based on a comment made to article 2 in Truth Be Told: “interesting article from Malta. So what happened to the Malta exist cash? Surely some of [...]

No confidence

2018-11-23T12:21:32+01:00Fri, 23rd Nov '18, 12:21|

Partit Demokratiku’s motion of no confidence in Konrad Mizzi is important and needs to be done. If Parliament does not confront government, who will? Political stability requires governments to be propped up by Parliamentary majorities. That’s fair and it’s why things work. But accountability requires governments to answer to Parliamentary minorities. And Parliament is not [...]

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