The 17 Black scandal explained

2018-11-20T15:12:11+01:00Tue, 20th Nov '18, 15:12|

If all the loose ends are too much, Simon Busuttil patiently takes you through the 17 Black scandal and why you should be furious right now. If you aren't angry it's because you haven't understood what this is costing you. So watch this.

Satabank ‘victims’ have lunch in protest at EY lobby

2018-11-20T14:56:45+01:00Tue, 20th Nov '18, 14:36|

Employees of companies whose accounts are held up at Satabank for over a month sat down for lunch today at the entrance of the Ernst&Young office in Msida protesting at the "amateurish" way the 'competent person' appointed by the MFSA to administer the bank is managing the crisis there. I spoke to a number of [...]

Rings a bell?

2018-11-20T11:08:21+01:00Tue, 20th Nov '18, 11:08|

John Oliver two days ago. Tell me if this is familiar in any way. Parental advisory to the editor of l-orizzont, Brian Hansford and fellow travellers. The video contains frequent use of the f-word. Shudder. For the rest of you grown-ups this is compulsory viewing.

Organised crime: do we know it when we see it?

2018-11-20T10:11:11+01:00Tue, 20th Nov '18, 10:06|

A prosecutor in Bari has declared the case of a woman who thumped a journalist for asking her uncomfortable questions, an act of mafia. For decades we have gone on with the idea that organised crime is for movies and other countries we go to for holidays. It is clear we need to think again. [...]

Darren Debono in Malta

2018-11-20T09:42:51+01:00Tue, 20th Nov '18, 09:42|

Malta Today scoops everyone this morning with the news Darren Debono is back in Malta. There have been many reported sightings but Yannick Pace is the first to confirm the news. He doesn't say how he confirms it as his sources appear to be people who actually saw it but there is no quote from [...]

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