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Well actually it's a picture but it was sent in earlier by av under the Owen thinks we can't read backwards post.

Joseph Muscat: “I will resign if implicated in 17 Black wrongdoing”. You can fuck right off then.

2018-11-16T13:23:45+01:00Fri, 16th Nov '18, 13:06|

No wonder they’re dodging journalists like the plague. No wonder they refuse interviews with international journalists and then send ambassadors to complain to the bosses of the journalists that invite them saying their coverage was imbalanced. No wonder they break laws left, right and centre to block annoying journalists from asking annoying questions. It’s that [...]

So. Plan A didn’t work.

2018-11-16T13:01:08+01:00Fri, 16th Nov '18, 13:01|

So after the mild hilarity of the unsuccessful attempts at concealing last night's protest graffiti on the hoarding around the Great Siege Memorial by flipping the canvas facing inwards, the order came down to put everything back as it was. So now we can read "Daphne was Right" the right way round again. While you [...]

The Boss of Big Town

2018-11-16T12:28:16+01:00Fri, 16th Nov '18, 12:28|

A Culture Minister is not enough to coordinate the flipping of protest graffiti on the canvas sheeting of hoarding. You also need a Chairman of the European Capital of Culture to supervise works on site. You never know. Here's Jason Micallef this morning, facing the prospect of imminent redundancy as the hollow Valletta 2018 program [...]

Birthday bash

2018-11-16T14:45:21+01:00Fri, 16th Nov '18, 12:18|

Robert Arrigo is hosting a birthday party for his constituents on 1st December at the Dolmen Hotel. That is the sort of thing you’d normally read in the second half of the pages of in-Nazzjon, if that’s your idea of fun. But this year Robert Arrigo has made the strategic decision of not promoting his [...]

Owen thinks we can’t read backwards

2018-11-16T11:51:43+01:00Fri, 16th Nov '18, 11:51|

Owen Bonnici read somewhere Leonardo da Vinci wrote against a mirror to confuse readers who might try to steal his discoveries. So he sent his employees to flip the hoarding decorated last night with graffiti to face inwards. Owen, here's a note. We can still read 'thgiR saw enhpaD'. You're such an ostrich!

One year ago today

2018-11-16T10:25:37+01:00Fri, 16th Nov '18, 10:25|

I don't usually do this but I noticed some people were sharing this piece this morning on Facebook. I wrote it a year ago today which of course was one month after Daphne Caruana Galizia's killing. I remember writing the piece on the flight back from Strasbourg where I had gone to attend the naming [...]

We gather again tonight

2018-11-17T08:49:40+01:00Fri, 16th Nov '18, 10:04|

The only weapon a journalist has is credibility. Which is why that's what people in power investigated by journalists focus all their fire-power on: destroying that credibility. Daphne Caruana Galizia has become a worldwide symbol of this unequal relationship and how tyrants and crooks all over the world have understood that to get away with [...]

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