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The PN is showing no signs of life. Its fortunes have been in decline for many years but the stroke it suffered in October of last year has proven irreversible. Its numbers flatlined and any signs of momentary flutter have turned out to be the unconscious jerks of a comatose patient. It gives me no [...]

17 Black

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Konrad Mizzi complained of a “coordinated attack” against him. 'Attack' is not the word I would use but you bet it is coordinated. And a good thing that it is too. These last couple of days I was away for a conference in London where I discussed with other journalists the impact of trans-national journalism. ‘Foreign [...]


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From my article in The Sunday Times today: Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi/ Reuters "The issue here is not that this is even being considered. It’s that there is no space in which to talk about it. The government designs its path to the future that suits it and everyone else finds themselves fearing [...]

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