“I’m not a crook”

2018-11-26T17:23:39+01:00Mon, 26th Nov '18, 12:00|

It’s ok for Kurt Farrugia to have a copy of the Egrant report. He told everyone in court today, answering questions from the PN’s Vince Galea, that he has a copy in his office. But don’t worry he keeps it locked. And he promises he doesn’t field questions from Keith Schembri — his boss — [...]

When hypocrisy is transparent II

2018-11-26T10:33:44+01:00Mon, 26th Nov '18, 10:33|

I lost my libel virginity today. The first of a number of court cases I’m involved in as a result of this blog has been decided. Jean Claude Micallef sued me. He thought that by calling him a hypocrite I damaged his reputation. As the old maxim goes: it’s not slander if it’s true. The [...]

GUEST POST: The Enemy Within

2018-11-26T18:53:08+01:00Mon, 26th Nov '18, 09:21|

Guest Post: Behind the facade of our government are a bunch of corporate controlled Mafiosi running the country. These Mafiosi and their minions, ostensibly elected from the people, by the people, for the people are the real enemies. The enemy within. This government is corrupt. It is profit and self-interest driven and not driven to [...]

Neville Gafa’s idea of a holiday

2018-11-26T09:10:45+01:00Mon, 26th Nov '18, 09:10|

Let’s just for a minute forget Neville Gafa’ was accused by multiple witnesses of soliciting bribes in exchange for medical visas to Libyans. Let’s forget for a minute the prosecution of his alleged crimes hinges on witnesses that are not allowed into Malta. Let’s forget for a minute that the police have once again been [...]

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