No PN response to a two-month old request to nominate representatives on constitutional reform forum

2018-11-07T21:32:26+01:00Wed, 7th Nov '18, 21:32|

The Nationalist Party has not responded to a two-month-old request from the President to nominate participants in a consultation on constitutional reform. Well informed sources told this website that this outstanding matter has not yet been discussed in the senior organs of the party: the executive committee or the parliamentary group. The government is intent [...]

What are we teaching the young ones?

2018-11-07T21:33:52+01:00Wed, 7th Nov '18, 20:59|

A reader sent me this extract from the introduction of a book I had read several years ago. By sharing this quotation I do not endorse the author. His book is an apology and glosses over facts painting the black one white. And as the reader himself told me, the reference to the Nazis is [...]

Letting them get away with it

2018-11-07T17:41:27+01:00Wed, 7th Nov '18, 17:03|

The point is often made that the ‘attacks’ on Adrian Delia have the consequence of weakening the opposition’s ability to stand in the way of Joseph Muscat. There’s something to be said for that argument. After all, it is clear that Joseph Muscat is getting away with a lot. Let’s just throw a few things [...]

Mr Bonnici, tear down that wall. Or maybe not.

2018-11-07T15:03:05+01:00Wed, 7th Nov '18, 15:03|

The protest for truth and justice in Great Siege Square has not yet achieved what it set out for. But it has had an unintended bonus. We’re going to get a new Great Siege Square. Well, at least new paving, new lights and perhaps a fountain, a mediaeval clock tower, space for ponies for kiddie [...]

Everything happens for a reason

2018-11-07T12:07:51+01:00Wed, 7th Nov '18, 12:07|

Between February 2013 and June 2014 Maria Efimova worked in a Russian-owned perfumery in Cyprus. On 28 November 2017 the Cyprus police authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of Maria Efimova on allegations made by her former employer she had done something wrong while in his employment four years earlier. During those four years, [...]

MONEY: Vested Interest

2018-11-07T11:40:15+01:00Wed, 7th Nov '18, 11:40|

This is my article in this month's Money Magazine. There’s a saying in Maltese which like all the interesting ones is for the ears of adults only. It is perhaps a reflection of the local psyche that the Maltese word for cheating is also the word for having sexual intercourse.  Loosely translated the saying goes that [...]

How much for a Dali? A Patrick Dali.

2018-11-07T11:32:50+01:00Wed, 7th Nov '18, 11:32|

Patrick Dalli is Helena Dalli’s husband. He is a businessman in his own right. And, apparently he’s also an artist. As I never tire of reminding everyone I am no art critic so I would not be able to appraise his work even if I had ever seen it. I have never seen it. Times [...]

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