#occupyjustice demand arrests of Schembri, Mizzi and Yorgen Fenech

2018-11-15T14:04:59+01:00Thu, 15th Nov '18, 14:04|

 This is a statement #occupyjustice delivered outside the Valletta police station a few moments ago: Today #occupyjustice has lodged a formal report calling on the police to investigate Yorgen Fenech, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri following fresh revelations about 17 Black, by The Daphne Project, an international consortium of journalists, last week.  The investigative reports [...]

Integra Foundation calls for removal of Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri

2018-11-15T13:45:02+01:00Thu, 15th Nov '18, 13:45|

In a Facebook post this afternoon, NGO Integra Foundation has called for the immediate removal of Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri. "The evidence (and not speculation) in relation to 17Black is indisputable," the NGO said. ħ The NGO, a member of Malta's Platform for Human Rights Organisations works on issues related to children, gender, LGBTI, [...]

What’s left of the free press must fight this now

2018-11-15T13:28:52+01:00Thu, 15th Nov '18, 13:28|

Yesterday I criticised TVM for agreeing to cover Konrad Mizzi events at which the rest of the press is not invited. Today Konrad Mizzi’s boss backed him. OPM told Times of Malta it would not interfere in Konrad Mizzi’s decision on which press he might invite and which he might leave out. This practice used [...]

TG2: Migration, trafficking and a government that does not answer questions

2018-11-15T12:48:07+01:00Thu, 15th Nov '18, 12:48|

Follow this feature that TG2 broadcast this week after the Italian government accused Malta of breaking international law pushing migrants it has saved closer to its neighbour and abandoning them there. And see why a government that does not answer journalists' questions when it is accused of illegalities at sea becomes instantly suspect on its [...]

Chris Peregin: Say allegation one more time

2018-11-15T10:47:07+01:00Thu, 15th Nov '18, 10:47|

It may have been the sight of a pissed off Samuel L Jackson that did it for me but this piece by Chris Peregin is top of the pops. The tongue-twisting legalese that Joseph Muscat and his fellow travellers are using to get themselves out of dodge has transited from dubious to inconsistent to angry [...]

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