G Leone Ganado: What Electrogas was worth (2)

2018-11-22T12:13:44+01:00Thu, 22nd Nov '18, 12:13|

This article is the second in a series by Godfrey Leone Ganado digging up the background to the 17 Black scandal. I would like to start by recommending that you read my first article and also that you refer to an article published in The Malta Independent on 20 May 2018, penned by David Lindsay [...]

GUEST POST: We were Nationalists

2018-11-22T12:05:40+01:00Thu, 22nd Nov '18, 12:05|

Guest Post sent in by someone I know who calls himself 'Lake'.   I sometimes wonder what happened to the Nationalist Party. I remember a time not so long ago when I used to follow Eddie Fenech Adami. I was fifteen when he regained a parliamentary majority with a mandate to re-initiate EU membership negotiations. [...]

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