Schiavone describes PN leader after “a few drinks”: “Adrian is like a piece of shit”

2018-11-04T12:56:35+01:00Sun, 4th Nov '18, 12:56|

Herman Schiavone in a Facebook post denies a Malta Today story that he, Schiavone, was “mulling dignified exit” for Adrian Delia. He branded Malta Today’s report as “deceiving” and that “Adrian Delia is not resigning and is becoming stronger day by day”. Herman Schiavone will have to deny this post as well then. In a [...]

So this is how liberty dies: with thunderous applause

2018-11-04T11:58:15+01:00Sun, 4th Nov '18, 11:58|

The Observer columnist Nick Cohen wrote this piece on The Guardian about how Donald Trump’s authoritarianism, isolationism and American exceptionalism is giving license to tyrants of the world to go down roads the civilised world of 1945-2016 would have stopped them from pursuing. Brazil, Turkey, Slovakia and — you’ve guessed it — Malta makes the [...]

“Not fit for purpose”

2018-11-04T11:33:31+01:00Sun, 4th Nov '18, 10:53|

The editor of The Sunday Times today noticed it as others have. When on Wednesday I published the story that Nickie Vella de Fremeaux asked her husband Adrian Delia for a separation, a floodgate of abuse came on. There should have been no question on the public interest of the story as The Sunday Times points [...]

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