Michael Farrugia confirms The Sunday Times Daphne assassination investigation story: “We hope to make arrests soon”

2018-11-18T21:30:41+01:00Sun, 18th Nov '18, 21:30|

After a day of silence, Police Minister Michael Farrugia confirmed the report in this morning's The Sunday Times, speaking to TG3 earlier today. "The investigations are still ongoing. Europol has important information we are working on and we hope that soon those responsible are arrested". Michael Farrugia was quoted by Rai 3 speaking in English [...]

17 Black: no denial, no confirmation, no comment

2018-11-18T20:54:46+01:00Sun, 18th Nov '18, 20:46|

It’s been a whole day now since we’ve read on The Sunday Times the police are conducting a criminal inquiry into 17 Black. The Sunday Times did not explicitly say so, but it did imply the Prime Minister’s chief of staff and a government Minister are suspects in a criminal investigation in a major corruption [...]

The Sunday Times story implies Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri are under a criminal investigation. Where are their resignations?

2018-11-18T11:23:13+01:00Sun, 18th Nov '18, 11:23|

There’s a lot of thinking and asking that comes out of the stories on this morning’s front page of The Sunday Times. Somehow Labour spinners are presenting this is some form of vindication. There is one simple stark fact that emerges from the information given to The Sunday Times and we’re going to assume everyone [...]

Repubblika: A civil society movement

2018-11-18T08:16:57+01:00Sun, 18th Nov '18, 08:16|

Press Release A number of activists from civil society announced the establishment of ‘Repubblika’, a civil society organisation to participate in the national dialogue on the observance and enhancement of monitoring mechanisms of human rights, and of protecting and enhancing democracy in Malta.  The activists declared their commitment towards constitutional values, which they called the [...]

‘Investigators’ tell The Sunday Times they’re near solving Daphne’s murder. They didn’t tell her family that.

2018-11-18T07:49:09+01:00Sun, 18th Nov '18, 07:49|

'Investigators' told The Sunday Times they know who commissioned Daphne's murder. The story, by Ivan Martin, quotes a level of certainty that suggests that arrests are imminent. Judging by what the story says, the police have been busy solving the crime while we were exhorting them to do so and berating them for looking not [...]

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