This website enters its fourth semester today and as has become customary, here are the top 10 most read stories in the last 6 months since June 6, 2018.

  1. Nickie Vella de Fremeaux asks Adrian Delia for separation. Wed, 31st Oct ’18, 01:30
  2. Priest convicted of molesting 17 children permitted by Maltese church to say mass “on special occasions”. Mon, 27th Aug ’18, 16:28
  3. Schiavone describes PN leader after “a few drinks”: “Adrian is like a piece of shit”. Sun, 4th Nov ’18, 12:56
  4. Senior priest suspended after admitting sexual abuse of a minor up to 16 years ago. Fri, 24th Aug ’18, 18:38
  5. Mrs Adrian Delia’s uncle is first to get license to grow cannabis. Sun, 29th Jul ’18, 21:38
  6. 2,800 crystals went to a party. Mon, 11th Jun ’18, 10:06
  7. The question of public interest. Wed, 31st Oct ’18, 13:48
  8. Matthew Caruana Galizia: Karl Cini forged Egrant documents. Sat, 18th Aug ’18, 16:04
  9. GUEST POST: Of course it’s in the public interest, and even more in the interest of PN members. Wed, 31st Oct ’18, 18:16
  10. The fog of war. Tue, 24th Jul ’18, 07:50

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