So Chris Fearne fired him. Then Joseph Muscat said he’s doing good work and he’s only been transferred.

Claudette Buttigieg asked three Ministers in Parliament today whether Neville Gafa’ works for any of them: Chris Fearne? Nope. Carmelo Abela? Uh-uh. Joseph Muscat? Nix.

Fair enough that we may have a different appraisal than Joseph Muscat about the wisdom of meeting warlords on unauthorised trips to Libya; about lying about being on holiday when travelling in an embassy car with a secret service agent; about lying about being a special envoy of the government to Ministers of another government: but can we at least establish the facts?

If Neville Gafa’ has been transferred, where was he transferred from? To where? Who does he report to? Who reports to him?

What does he do? What is he paid for?

It’s insane that it has to be said but this is a government official we’re talking about here. If we’re invading anybody’s privacy, that is the taxpayer’s who’s funding this charade.

We really should be told where this guy fits in the grand scheme of things because that grand scheme of things is at least on the surface the government of Malta. Although nothing will dispel the suspicion that Neville Gafa’ is a soldier in a family structure conducting an activity that is way outside the scope of public service, we should at least have an understanding of what his formal cover is. Do we still have that right?

So prithee please, with sugar on top, tell us where this fucker works.