After all the faux patriotism about love of a monument they had to look up an old Berlitz guide they shoplifted during a prepubescent crisis before condoms were sold on shelves, after all the crocodile tears about flowers and candles desecrating the memory of the victims of a conflict they wish they paid more attention to in school, after all the hysteria about the urgent need of restoration to rediscover the Sciortino masterpiece they only knew about because of the Broadcasting Authority jingle in pre-election TV debates, this is the best view you can get of the Great Siege Memorial this morning. You think you’re spiting anyone this way?

You sad, pathetic, delusional, tinpot tyrants, overgrown toy soldiers you.

Joe Brincat must be so irate.

By the way, Doctor Joe, in case you were wondering, Sunday’s vigil is still on. Everyone is to bring candles. Because the other Doctor Joe you work for hates them. And we like it that way.