Konrad Mizzi has failed in his bid to stop the Court of Criminal Appeal from hearing his own appeal from a lower court’s decision to order a criminal inquiry into his affairs in the Panama Papers pending a Constitutional Court’s decision on his own claim that his human rights have been breached by the government he’s part of.

I know it sounds convoluted and I needed to scratch a diagram to make sure I was getting it right.

Suffice it to say that after gaining two years of wasted time preventing police action on the Panama Papers discoveries, this one effort to stretch that delay indefinitely has failed.

He asked the Constitutional Court to order the Court of Criminal Appeal to stop looking at his case until the Constitutional Court decides on his rather ridiculous claim his own government breached his rights. The Constitutional Court today ruled there’s no reason for the Court of Appeal to stop working while the merits — they still call them that — of his human rights complaint are considered.

The Criminal Appeal will not stop hearing his own appeal. If he loses that appeal we go back to the original court order and the police will have to start looking at his affairs.

Of course this does not exhaust Konrad Mizzi’s arsenal of time wasting tactics.

Do not think this will put a damper on Konrad Mizzi New Year’s Eve partying in any way.

After all he has the biggest weapon of all: he’s in government and he’s going to stay there. While he’s there no policeman will look at him askance, whatever the courts say.

This is a charade you’re paying for. And you’re paying for being openly robbed and for the robbery to be covered up.

He has one more layer of comfort. You’re not thinking about how Konrad Mizzi is rightly royally shafting you because Adrian Delia covers for him with his shenanigans. No wonder Labour like it just so.