A Repubblika statement issued today:

Repubblika believes that persons serving in a public roles should behave in a way that sets a positive example to citizens of Malta and Gozo. Persons in such roles should live their lives according to highest behavioral standards. Our country deserves as much. 

Repubblika notes how the behavior of a politician or a public serving official in their private life impacts their public role, which is why their behavior needs to be scrutinized by the public. Such public scrutiny should fully respect a person’s dignity and take into account the needs of any vulnerable people that could be involved.

Repubblika believes that persons serving as public officials should take it upon themselves to ensure that when they’re involved in serious allegations concerning their behavior, they should place society’s interest first and avoid burdening the public office they have been entrusted with. It is only with such approach that we make sure that persons in public roles serve the public rather than themselves.