In an interview on Xarabank Adrian Delia last Friday answered questions by Peppi Azzopardi about his separation proceedings explaining that he was undergoing a very painful Christmas away from his family.

In comments to The Sunday Times, Adrian Delia blocked questions about his separation going into litigation in court, asking for his privacy to be respected.

This in spite of his tear-jerking interview on Xarabank the Friday before where he ‘opened up’ about his personal affairs. That interview coincided with his wife formally filing in Court for separation that week after 9 weeks had elapsed since her request to him for a separation settlement.

At their TV interview, Peppi Azzopardi specifically mentioned before asking the questions related to Adrian Delia’s separation that he had obtained Adrian Delia’s permission before asking these questions.

This website is informed that subsequent to the broadcast Nickie Vella de Fremeaux protested with Peppi Azzopardi about the unfairness of a one-sided interview that presented her husband as some sort of victim. She felt aggrieved because she was not given the opportunity to give her version whilst her husband failed to represent the truth about their marriage, and more importantly whilst publicly discussing their children.

She told Peppi Azzopardi that her husband left the matrimonial home 11 weeks ago, two weeks before she wrote to him through her lawyer telling him she considered their marriage as beyond repair.

On Christmas Eve, Nickie Vella de Fremeaux received a copy of an urgent application filed by Adrian Delia’s lawyers in court that same morning asking the court to order for his access to his children.

Adrian Delia’s request opened the Court with urgency and asked for the normal timeframes for these cases to be shortened. In fact the Court asked his wife for a response within twelve hours, that is by the end of Christmas Eve.

The extreme urgency is significant given that for 11 weeks, Adrian Delia was away from home and except for one time when one of his children asked to see him, he never, according to his wife, made any serious attempt to meet his children.

In his own application to the court yesterday, Adrian Delia’s lawyer says “there was one occasion when his eldest daughter expressed the wish to meet her father and this happened”.