When Michelle Muscat waxes melodramatic about her miserable fate, she truly asks for it. The best I could do yesterday was “insipid, solipsistic, self-indulgent, sob story whose idea of music is no better than Jason Micallef’s”.

Ryan Murdock writing for The Shift News this morning was far more elegantly succinct. He called her “The First Lady of Kickbackistan”. There’s been some internal discussion in this website how to translate that to Maltese. Xaħħamistan?

As if to live up to Mr Murdock’s description, Mrs Muscat this morning wore traditional Central Asian folk headgear that presumably will match the new decor at their yurt in Burmarrad.

Although, as anything with Mrs Muscat, there’s some controversy on whether her milliner was hearkening back to the Steppes or whether there was a more Olympic theme, perhaps echoing the recent school-trip of her children to Abu Dhabi.

BugM, the irrepressible, incorrigible BugM, was indeed more partial to the sports theme.

Of course any other theories welcome.