Joseph Muscat’s defence, such as he seems to believe it is, that he wasn’t the only one to get expensive limited edition fuck-off white gold watches from Yorgen Fenech is no defence at all. ‘Yes your honour I killed many Jews, but everyone was doing it those days’. Even in Nuremberg they were too embarrassed to use that.

Every time he’s asked anything about anything Joseph Muscat comes back with his ‘I know what you did last summer’ answer. The implicit threat is ‘be careful what you wish for, because I might actually spill the beans on wider spread corruption’.

Look, Joseph Muscat, if what you say is true and you do know about other holders of public office who accepted 6 figure gifts from contractors who doubled up as murderers, money-launderers, match fixers and garden variety mafiosi, the real urgent question right now is why have you kept this information for yourself up till now.

Joseph Muscat taunted Jacob Borg earlier today and told him he should be asking who else got Bulgari watches from Yorgen Fenech. Quite apart from the fact that doing so should not eat into the time used productively pressing Joseph Muscat for answers for his own corruption, there’s no harm in asking.

So yes, Joseph Muscat, pray do tell us who else accepted these unacceptable gifts. And when you’ve done that, go to police headquarters to give whatever credible explanation you can come up with for covering up for them till now.

Or, as is more likely, you’re talking rubbish to save your skin and you can proceed to answer what you gave Yorgen Fenech in return for his shiny and glitzy brown envelopes.