Yesterday Jason Micallef came down like a ton of bricks on an artist who decided to take the stage on Sunday and join the protest against corruption. Why her in particular? Because she has a regular slot on a program shown on TVM. They have something to threaten her with, a consequence she’d have to face if she stands up for her rights and her beliefs.

This has become a tyranny of evil men. There’s no way of fighting this except to defy it. If all those who don’t think this behaviour is acceptable join in protest, there will come a time when there won’t be enough of them to intimidate and punish us.

Indeed there are many reasons to protest Sunday. The blatant intimidation of artists and dissidents is another one. Many artists got the message before yesterday. That’s why many stay home, careful to take bookings that do not offend the government, staying well clear of dissent and protest.

It’s sad but it’s also understandable. Fight it. Be there this Sunday. Details in the poster below.