Profess your pinkie

2021-04-05T10:15:12+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 10:15|

The third Godfather movie is unfairly maligned. Whatever your opinion is of Michael Corleone vainly seeking redemption, there’s a scene when Michael is trying to get his ex-wife to forgive him before heart disease kills him. She mocks his residual, self-servingly optimistic Catholic expectation that once you express regret for your sins, God will forgive [...]

Raping truth

2021-04-05T09:24:11+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 09:24|

Here’s another one who shows up to save us from ourselves. Watch this speech by Miriam Dalli a few days before the 2017 election projecting onto Simon Busuttil the guilt of her own party and her own party leader like a lab mouse for someone trying to prove Freud’s defence mechanisms. She says Simon Busuttil [...]

When they looked away

2021-04-05T09:06:06+02:00Mon, 5th Apr '21, 09:06|

This series is worth your time. It is important to dig these up because one by one you’ll see Labour Party politicians wear a new skin and looking to convince you this has always been what they stood for. Whenever history is inconsistent with their narrative they will try to bury your memory of it. [...]

Behold, your justice minister

2021-04-02T11:04:11+02:00Fri, 2nd Apr '21, 08:59|

Purely on the basis of having gotten it wrong, this man should go into hiding. Here’s a video of Edward Zammit Lewis from 2019, holding court on his party’s station. It’s Good Friday and you’re meant to be fasting and meditating on sins, so take out these 3 minutes of suffering and count them against [...]

Soldiers inside your home

2021-04-02T08:32:15+02:00Fri, 2nd Apr '21, 08:32|

Charmaine Gauci has apparently instructed police officers to butt into people’s homes to count how many are inside sharing a dinner and where they will be going to sleep. The move is “necessary” to enforce the cap on people from different households meeting privately and spreading the coronavirus. Yesterday she said she’s also mobilised traffic [...]

GUEST POST: Just a quick ‘no, but, yes, but’

2021-04-02T07:56:45+02:00Fri, 2nd Apr '21, 07:56|

PM Abela said that justice will not be served if all Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murderers walk free. “We can’t go in the direction where no one is found guilty in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder […] If we want justice, but it means everyone walks free, then that isn’t justice,” is the exact quote reported [...]

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