The phrase is a literal translation from German. It’s not the twilight of our life, because Malta will outlast the criminals of our generation. It’s not the twilight zone, because however mad, the shit we swim in is real. It’s the twilight of the sepulchre, the shady place where law is weak and trust and decency are lost completely.

Here starts yet another round of Malta’s shame as again the bastards who run this country abandon us to the world’s headlines for all the wrong reasons.

And then they say that David Casa and Robert Metsola harm Malta’s reputation.

In this report on German TV, the news says is that “the international institution for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and financing weapons of mass destruction has put Malta on the grey list for financial crimes.” Exactly what your average investor wants to read when shopping around.

“This is not the first time that Malta has come into the twilight,” the unflattering news report goes on. “The country has already been increasingly checked for financial crime because of its program for the ‘golden passports’.”

Does this go up to the board at Lufthansa, I wonder?