I sputtered 1,400 words this morning to explain why I think this country is not normal, but just look at this:

Look at the person “liking” the message. Claire Cuschieri. That’s the daughter of the president of Malta and the wife of Joseph Cuschieri, he who resigned as chief regulator of the financial services industry after he was exposed for accepting the hospitality of alleged journalist killer Yorgen Fenech to “advise” him on gambling matters.

Kuraġġ Malta, she says with a heart emoji. Kuraġġ indeed. When all is lost, the optimism of the culprits is all we have left.

Here’s another WTF moment. Malta Today spotted Jason Micallef and his dog outside the church where Jew-hater and spiritual guide of Malta’s own Adolf-Hitler-impersonator David Muscat was saying the rosary with a bunch of old timers entirely oblivious of the FATF and probably of the poisonous fascism coursing through their priest’s veins.

Malta is, in painful slow motion, hitting the wall of financial repute, and we have an over-promoted gardener and a Nazi priest battling it out in our streets. Almost everyone else is too stunned to say anything.

Does this look normal to you?