Top reason Edward Zammit Lewis must go

2021-08-04T10:46:31+02:00Wed, 4th Aug '21, 10:43|

It's not because he spoke of his electorate in offensive terms, describing the average Labour Party supporter as an imbecile. They're right to feel hurt but they can deal with that when it's their turn to vote in the next election. Edward Zammit Lewis had his Ġaħan conversation with a person he described and continues [...]

Have mercy

2021-08-04T10:18:24+02:00Wed, 4th Aug '21, 10:18|

I have often argued that the power of deciding on immunity from prosecution or relief from punishment handed down by courts to acquire witnesses for the prosecution should not be a political decision. Right now ministers decide who gets to be pardoned to turn state’s evidence and who doesn’t, when that decision has a direct [...]

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