GUEST POST: I am angry

2021-08-05T13:51:40+02:00Thu, 5th Aug '21, 13:51|

I am angry. No scratch that. I am beyond angry. I am livid. I am livid and mad at what is happening to my country. I am angry at the forces in my country that have created a society that only works for the favoured few. A culture with an agenda of greed, and the [...]

Cautionary tale

2021-08-09T13:44:58+02:00Thu, 5th Aug '21, 09:49|

This cartoon by the great Seb Tanti Burlo' is a lesson for me as well. Treat people with respect, steer clear of murdering bastards, and lay off the doughnuts. How's that Edward Zammit Lewis?

GUEST POST: The bastards must face trial

2021-08-05T09:53:19+02:00Thu, 5th Aug '21, 09:45|

The public inquiry was clear-cut and unequivocal in its findings: the Maltese State is responsible for the brutal assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The report details a culture saturated in impunity, from its governing politicians to the police force to the judiciary to businessmen to public bodies responsible for safeguarding the interests, needs and very [...]

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