Joe Brincat strikes again

2021-08-23T13:35:35+02:00Mon, 23rd Aug '21, 13:35|

Joe Brincat is on one of his quixotic time-wasting expeditions again. He filed a judicial protest today asking the State’s Advocate to conduct an inquiry into the conduct of the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry.  There’s a lot of legal gobbledegook there to make his letter sound important and credible. It’s all a pile of bull [...]

A cigar for Frankie Five Angels

2021-08-23T11:20:53+02:00Mon, 23rd Aug '21, 11:20|

There were many references to Keith Schembri in part two of Joseph Muscat’s interview with Times of Malta, published yesterday. This website’s review of part 1 is linked here. It wasn’t just about Keith Schembri having been his chief of staff, having been exposed for owning the Panama company expecting money from Yorgen Fenech, having [...]

US authorities warn against using pension plans in Malta to dodge American taxes

2021-08-23T09:03:57+02:00Mon, 23rd Aug '21, 09:03|

The Inland Revenue Service of the United States has listed the “potentially abusive use of the US-Malta tax treaty” as one of a “dirty dozen tax scams” warning American tax payers against using “abusive arrangements” to help Americans avoid tax. In a recent statement the IRS said it was “evaluating the issue to determine the [...]

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