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Many have good reasons to take a dim view of Sandro Chetcuti and be wary of what he has to say. Some would stop themselves listening to him because he was a notorious acolyte of Dom Mintoff. Or because he stood alongside Joseph Muscat in that man’s rise to power, brokering contacts for him as [...]

This is who we are

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If you haven't listened to the podcast, you may prefer to read the detailed feature by the BBC's Jane Mackenzie on the El Hiblu 3. The photos with the piece are by Joanna Demarco. Three young men were arrested when they were still boys, clearly wrongfully accused of terrorism. Malta rushed into exaggerated accusations based [...]

GUEST POST: The national sasla

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This was sent in by someone I know who calls himself ‘Flower’. Beneath is a tangential note by Manuel Delia. Sasla.  If I were a gambling man, I would easily win a bet if I stated that no one born this side of the millennium does not think this is a bad autocorrect of a [...]

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