16 August: Vigil for Truth and Justice

2021-08-15T09:52:24+02:00Sun, 15th Aug '21, 09:52|

Join us in Great Siege Square tomorrow 16 August at 7pm. Because unless we do something about it, they have every intention of getting away with Daphne's murder. The speakers tomorrow are Becky D'Ugo from #occupyjustice, Neil Falzon from Aditus, and Alessandra Dee Crespo from Repubblika. We'll be gathering for an in-person vigil in Valletta [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: How to get away with murder

2021-08-15T09:44:05+02:00Sun, 15th Aug '21, 09:44|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Zammit Lewis does not contest the facts. He can’t. Too many people have seen his exquisitely tender messages. But defending a person widely suspected to have bribed your colleagues while having a relationship with them behind the public’s back is not, Zammit Lewis insists, a resignation matter; [...]

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