Thus spake Robert Abela

2021-08-30T16:12:41+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 16:00|

“These acts are not only condemnable but have no place in society.” That was a categorical concluding remark by Prime Minister Robert Abela in a short statement this morning reacting to the fake emails and websites that have been circulating for a week now. That statement was something many of us have been hoping for. [...]

Fight for your right to be informed

2021-08-30T09:01:27+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 09:01|

I am sincerely grateful for all the messages of support, sympathy, and solidarity that I have received over the last few days. I admit I was close to buckling under the pressure. I am not immune to intimidation. I am sincerely grateful to journalists and media managers from several media houses who did not wait [...]

GUEST POST: Disinformation Techniques #1: Just Asking Questions

2021-08-30T09:27:36+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 09:00|

Here’s an article by Simon Mercieca. In this article, Mercieca pretends to ask some needling questions. Is it true that Repubblika pays Manuel Delia €30,000 a year? What is Manuel Delia’s source of income? Where is Repubblika getting its finances? Is it true that Repubblika rents property from Manuel Delia’s wife? Answers to most of these [...]

Fake websites down; Fake Bernard Grech emails in circulation

2021-08-30T08:06:58+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 08:05|

Fake websites designed to fool readers into thinking they're on, or other news media websites including Newsbook, TVM, Net News, Lovin Malta, and, are this morning inaccessible and appear to have been struck down. Several website owners including myself have taken measures to attempt to push back on the act of deceit and [...]

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