Meantime, Edward Zammit Lewis still needs to be persuaded to resign

2021-08-03T13:12:09+02:00Tue, 3rd Aug '21, 13:11|

Edward Zammit Lewis admits to "friendship" with Yorgen Fenech. He exchanged nearly a 1,000 messages with Yorgen Fenech after Yorgen Fenech was exposed as the owner of 17 Black. With Robert Abela he delivered a press conference mocking Simon Busuttil's efforts in court to have the 17 Black revelations investigated. After that he shared what [...]

After suspension, arrest and prosecution

2021-08-03T13:01:15+02:00Tue, 3rd Aug '21, 13:01|

In June of last year Ian Abdilla was transferred out of the Economic Crimes Unit. Yesterday he was suspended altogether from the police force. The police department says he’ll face PSC proceedings. That’s nowhere near enough. Ian Abdilla is not accused of taking a part-time job without his boss’s permission. He’s not being disciplined because [...]

Ian Abdilla suspended, will face disciplinary investigation

2021-08-03T10:39:16+02:00Tue, 3rd Aug '21, 10:39|

The former chief of the Police’s Economic Crimes Unit, Ian Abdilla, has been suspended from the Police Force and will face investigations under disciplinary rules governed by the Public Service Commission this website has learned. Ian Abdilla was removed from the Economic Crimes Unit last June soon after Commissioner Angelo Gafà took office and was [...]

The ultimate false equivalence

2021-08-03T10:19:19+02:00Tue, 3rd Aug '21, 10:18|

Photo: REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi (MALTA)(2008) Alfred Sant waved off the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry like a whiff from an open sewer. He criticised the inquiry for shallowness and partiality while he treated its dozens of recommendations and pages upon pages of analysis backed by hundreds of hours of evidence with 80 words on [...]

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