There’s a difference

2021-08-12T22:10:16+02:00Thu, 12th Aug '21, 15:41|

There are times when even I am too tired for outrage. I followed the court updates as Yorgen Fenech’s lawyer Charles Mercieca “grilled” Matthew Caruana Galizia in cross examination today. I’m not giving you a blow-by-blow account because you can read it elsewhere. It’s all really summed up in the line Charles Mercieca threw at [...]

The ninth chasm

2021-08-12T10:40:08+02:00Thu, 12th Aug '21, 10:40|

Nothing fills gaps in the agenda of political parties than stories of divisions in the party they oppose. For that to work they must set a scene of a Leviathan, a behemoth that properly incorporates everyone who is not them. The line used to be ‘min mhux magħna, kontra tagħna’. Those who are not Labour, [...]

Another reason why we don’t have Electrogas prosecutions

2021-08-12T09:28:35+02:00Thu, 12th Aug '21, 09:28|

L-orizzont today rushed in defence of the only person they like in the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia. They mocked Repubblika’s remark that should allegations that Adrian Delia conspired with Yorgen Fenech while Parliament was debating his ownership of 17 Black he should withdraw from politics for good. L-orizzont said this was part of Repubblika’s silly [...]

MONEY MAGAZINE: Sacking Malta and Gozo

2021-08-12T08:39:02+02:00Thu, 12th Aug '21, 08:39|

This is my article in this month's Money Magazine: In March 2019, four months after the world learnt that Yorgen Fenech owned the company that Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi’s accountants told Mossack Fonseca was their “target” to pay them, with others, $2 million for no reason whatsoever, the chief executive at the Planning Authority, Johann [...]

He’s accountable to God. So shut up.

2021-08-12T08:17:11+02:00Thu, 12th Aug '21, 08:17|

Was George Vella elected president of a democratic republic or made mullah of a theocracy? His comments to Times of Malta today answer that question. He was asked if he felt accountable for the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia given that an inquiry had found him, along with all of Joseph Muscat’s Ministers, collectively responsible [...]

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