Edward’s last legs

2021-08-02T14:22:17+02:00Mon, 2nd Aug '21, 14:22|

A government that justifies Edward Zammit Lewis walking out of a Cabinet meeting as he did this morning in possession of any government papers apart from his souvenir copy of his resignation has no intention of implementing the findings of the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry. Edward Zammit Lewis openly admits he was a “friend” of [...]

You kept your lunch down? Let me help you.

2021-08-02T14:39:54+02:00Mon, 2nd Aug '21, 13:49|

Read first my earlier piece about Marie Benoit being feted by Mrs Keith Schembri who was relaunching her brochures for the ultra-rich buying Maltese passports. Now that you're no longer wondering why your face is green, here's a reminder about who Mrs Keith Schembri's new "partner" being mentioned by Marie Benoit is. The name is [...]

I dare you to keep down your lunch

2021-08-02T12:22:50+02:00Mon, 2nd Aug '21, 12:21|

You know how they call us ‘elitist’. How they used to say Daphne disdained the proletariat and that our support for the cause of justice for her came from delusions of Victorian grandeur. Do you remember Keith Schembri, kicking and screaming on his way to Kordin for his two-week sojourn there while he fought for [...]

PODCAST: Cherry-picking

2021-08-02T09:46:35+02:00Mon, 2nd Aug '21, 09:46|

Manuel Delia · Cherry Picking Faced with an inquiry report that damns the failure of State institutions to protect a journalist and prevent her from being killed, Robert Abela’s first speech at a Labour Party engagement is about fixing journalism. He doesn’t propose to fix the attorney general’s office headed by someone damned by the [...]

GUEST POST: The hero and the villains

2021-08-02T09:07:52+02:00Mon, 2nd Aug '21, 09:07|

The state should shoulder responsibility for the assassination. It created an atmosphere of impunity, generated from the highest echelons of the administration in Castille, the tentacles of which then spread to other institutions, such as the police and regulatory authorities, leading to a collapse of the rule of law. - The Daphne Caruana Galizia Public [...]

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