Judge Grixti denies Yorgen Fenech’s bail request

2021-08-19T13:40:21+02:00Thu, 19th Aug '21, 13:39|

Yorgen Fenech will continue to await trial in preventive custody in Kordin after Judge Giovanni Grixti denied his application for bail. The judge turned down the application saying the crimes Yorgen Fenech is charged with are very serious. Indeed, Yorgen Fenech was yesterday indicted for complicity in the wilful homicide of Daphne Caruana Galizia and [...]

Remember the Judge who sentenced a Labour Mayor to prison and asked for his pardon two hours later? Yep, Giovanni Grixti.

2021-08-19T12:57:55+02:00Thu, 19th Aug '21, 12:57|

While we wait for Giovanni Grixti to decide whether to grant Yorgen Fenech bail ahead of his trial for murder, let's call up one decision Giovanni Grixti took some time ago. Natius Farrugia, Mayor of Żurrieq, was fined by a Magistrate's court for leading a mob chasing Daphne Caruana Galizia in Rabat forcing her to [...]

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