THE SUNDAY TIMES: The weapon of deep fake

2021-08-29T08:21:23+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 08:21|

From my article in today's The Sunday Times: "I am by no means the only journalist or activist to be targeted for isolation and to be discredited with lies. I’m sorry that this piece is going to be about me. Firstly, because my job is not to write an extended autobiography but to write about [...]

LETTER: Je me souviens

2021-08-29T08:17:35+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 08:17|

Over the last few rocky days I got many messages of friendship and support from my nearest and dearest. I also got a few messages of support from people I do not know who are anything but near, but wanted to be. This is one of them. I publish it here out of gratitude. Dear [...]

GUEST POST: We will not be silenced

2021-08-29T08:00:52+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 08:00|

‘Journalists in Malta still remain at tremendous risk.’ Rebecca Vincent of Reporters Without Borders didn’t mince her words at the press conference the day after the publication of the Public Inquiry Report. She was emphatic about the dangers to journalists in Malta whose work is carried out in a hostile climate where harassment and threats [...]

GUEST POST: Echoes from Pembroke pastures

2021-08-29T07:37:41+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 07:37|

The appeal against the Planning Authority (PA) vote of 10 June 2021 approving the second version of the db ITS project at Pembroke has been presented to the Environment & Planning Review Tribunal (EPRT). The objectors are three local councils: Pembroke, Swieqi and San Ġiljan, 9 NGOs and 10 individuals including Pembroke and Swieqi residents. [...]

GUEST POST: Just disappear, won’t you?

2021-08-29T07:24:31+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 07:24|

The 2019 Corrupt Politician of the Year awardee is trying to make a comeback. He had been hibernating for many a month with his spouse informing us where they were holidaying through Instagram. But Joseph Muscat is too narcissistic to stay away from centre stage and suddenly decided that after more than four years, an [...]

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