Half-hearted vote-buying

2021-08-11T16:43:38+02:00Wed, 11th Aug '21, 16:43|

I wrote this piece yesterday about Ministers using public money in their constituency to help their personal re-election campaigns. I specifically mentioned Alex Muscat who swindled almost a million euro from the moneys earned from the passport swindled to swindlers to pay for the lighting up of the Mosta church in his constituency. Today he [...]

Adrian Delia’s lawsuit against Lovin Malta is nothing short of SLAPP

2021-08-11T15:57:06+02:00Wed, 11th Aug '21, 15:57|

Adrian Delia knows full well that Lovin Malta’s reporting about what Yorgen Fenech had told a third party about him is entirely accurate. Lovin Malta reported a conversation Yorgen Fenech had with Diane Izzo about the Parliamentary debate that discussed the revelation he owned 17 Black. In that conversation, Yorgen Fenech admits that Rosianne Cutajar’s [...]

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