Bloody hell Joe, you never cease to amaze us

2021-11-07T08:59:30+01:00Sun, 7th Nov '21, 08:29|

Within hours of his replacement being sworn-in, Joseph Muscat went back to Castille with representatives of the owners of three formerly public hospitals to pressure the Maltese government to give them more money. Although details are sketchy it appears that Joseph Muscat may get his way. Today’s The Sunday Times of Malta front page story [...]

Beria’s pupil

2021-11-07T07:54:49+01:00Sun, 7th Nov '21, 07:54|

There’s an article by Joe Brincat on it-Torċa today that is a laboratory sample of warped logic and incorrigible rejection of common sense that should be dunked in formaldehyde and sent on a tour of museums. He criticised Repubblika’s sit-in protest in front of the police headquarters where activists led by Repubblika’s Numbers One and [...]

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