If Owen moves there

2021-11-04T20:54:02+01:00Thu, 4th Nov '21, 20:54|

If Owen moves to Filfla we should consider granting the island independence and let him proclaim himself Emperor. At least some of the lizards will be less smart than him. Maybe. You're embarrassing.

Lies, lies, lies

2021-11-04T15:34:00+01:00Thu, 4th Nov '21, 15:34|

What will Robert Abela do now? Will he again say Karl Stagno Navarra behaved unacceptably when he filed a false report on an MP ignoring the so-called evidence he himself had likely doctored which showed that Karol Aquilina had done nothing wrong? Or is lying about MPs acceptable to Robert Abela if the MPs belong [...]

Early warning

2021-11-04T16:12:19+01:00Thu, 4th Nov '21, 11:58|

I have come across Facebook posts by grand-children of President Ċensu Tabone who was Malta’s foreign minister 33 years ago. They were referring to a speech he gave to the General Assembly of the United Nations about climate change and how, rightly, proud they are their grand-father and their country had the foresight to warn [...]

GUEST POST: PN’s return to first principles

2021-11-04T08:13:01+01:00Thu, 4th Nov '21, 08:13|

Even if against all odds, as polling surveys consistently premise, the Partit Nazzjonalista could still be an enlightening intermediary institution for our democracy and society at large. Bernard Grech, like his predecessors, may be the renaissance of his party and the country. The electoral political programme on its own focusing on improving people’s lives, proposing [...]

GUEST POST: Our man in London. Possibly.

2021-11-04T08:02:59+01:00Thu, 4th Nov '21, 08:02|

In 2013, successful criminal lawyer Manwel Mallia, decided to enter politics. He was elected and appointed by disgraced Prime Minister Joseph Muscat as minister for home affairs. He was soon in the limelight because in his first declaration of assets he declared storing €500,000 in cash at home, snugly under some mattress one would presume. [...]

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