Interpol cancels notice to arrest Efimova’s husband because of “clear political context”

2021-11-05T17:30:06+01:00Fri, 5th Nov '21, 17:30|

Interpol has cancelled all notices calling for the arrest of Maria Efimova’s husband Pantelis Varnava who is wanted by the Cypriot authorities for a number alleged crimes. Interpol’s decision came after an internal report by the agency’s independent authority that reviews its files found that the case against Varnava was “predominantly political” and a consequence [...]

Of all possible choices

2021-11-05T14:04:14+01:00Fri, 5th Nov '21, 14:04|

I suppose there’s a tactical thinking behind the inclusion of Franco Debono in a list of candidates nominated by the opposition leader to chair the Broadcasting Authority. What can one call it? Appeasement? Reconciliation? Cajoling? Flattery? It may be all of those things and I suppose there is a type of voter who might like the [...]

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