Go Konrad Go

2021-11-03T16:05:52+01:00Wed, 3rd Nov '21, 16:05|

How can you not sympathise with people of the younger generation that have given up on this country? If any of them watched the session of the Public Accounts Committee today they would have seen our democracy in action. It is embarrassing. There’s no better way of saying it. Konrad Mizzi said the same thing [...]

Trust us to save the world

2021-11-03T10:35:11+01:00Wed, 3rd Nov '21, 10:35|

If the standard of conviction at the Glasgow climate crisis summit is met by Robert Abela, the planet is done for. And to be fair, it probably is the standard. Every leader from every country attending has their turn to speak and you won’t expect them to say that climate change is a hoax and [...]

How not to teach children about oral health

2021-11-03T09:58:27+01:00Wed, 3rd Nov '21, 09:58|

A Malta-distributor of a specialised toothpaste for children was forced to apologise to dentists in Malta after their product featured in Rosianne Cutajar’s Halloween campaign. Images posted to Facebook by Rosianne Cutajar over the Halloween weekend shows “goody bags” distributed to children included sweets and tubes of Vitis Junior tooth-paste. Cutajar’s Facebook post drew attention [...]

Repubblika’s press freedom campaigning recognised

2021-11-03T10:11:34+01:00Wed, 3rd Nov '21, 09:38|

Artist Kevin Scerri has donated a copy of his Press Freedom Sculpture to Repubblika in recognition of its efforts to promote press freedom. At a presentation event, Mr Scerri said that "the Press Freedom Sculpture is being awarded as a token of respect, a sign of recognition for the work done, and as an inspiration [...]

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